Homelessness Documentation Information

Homeless Documentation Information
The instructions provided here are to assure that all homeless persons are given the opportunity to be input into the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database so that the level of need in Lancaster County is well documented, allowing us to strengthen our level of service appropriately.  HMIS is a shared homeless and housing database system administered through South Carolina.  The HMIS allows authorized staff at Partner Agencies to share client information and to follow trends and service patterns over time.  South Carolina uses the VI-SPDAT (Otherwise known as the Vulnerability Index) and HMIS to collect information about client’s individual circumstances in order to help refer them to appropriate housing and services.  
  1. Access and submit each of the required documents below.
  1. Explain to the client that all information gathered is confidential and will only be collected for input in to the Homeless Management Information System database, which is a statewide database.  For security/privacy purposes, only provide the client's last four digits of their Social Security Number (preferred) OR the client's date of birth.  Do not fill out the client's name; this will be done by LACH once the form is received. 
  2. Once all documentation has been completed and submitted, contact Amber Jackson at 803-283-8923 to discuss the client's needs of assistance.  If Amber is unavailable, please contact Leland Summers at 803-288-0794.
Please note, LACH will pay for up to a three night stay for emergency shelter.  This is for short term emergency shelter assistance only and does not include direct case management for long term assistance for your client.  Emergency shelter is provided to allow your client to secure long term, permanent housing.  Access to this program is contingent upon availability of limited funds.  If demands exceeds capacity/budget, LACH has the discretion to prioritize provision of assistance and reserves the right to limit or discontinue program services.